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Crossword puzzle answers: back

Here are the answers to the back crossword clue.

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Here are the possible solutions for "back" clue.

  • Back-to-back-to-back championships
  • Instrument often used in a flashback...back...back...back... *camera pans up everything goes blurry
  • "Push 'em back! Push 'em back! Way back!"?
  • Back-to-back episodes of an HBO drama?
  • “I took the ___ back out of town / Back to the Rolling Pin”: the Who
  • '90s winner of back-to-back Best Actor Oscars
  • Winner of back-to-back Best Rock Instrumental Grammys in 1980 and 1981
  • Back-to-back episodes of a Dick Van Patten dramedy?
  • Penguins center and third back-to-back winner of the Conn Smythe Trophy (2016-2017): 2 wds.
  • Talk back or back talk
  • Only solo artist to win back-to-back Record of the Year Grammys
  • Give back, or get back (for)
  • Back-to-back Best Actor nominee of the 1940s
  • Australian tennis player who won back-to-back US Opens in 1997 and 1998: 2 wds.
  • Back-to-back episodes of a Neve Campbell series?
  • Walked back and forth, back and forth
  • Walk back and forth, back and forth
  • Back-to-back awards for Hanks
  • Back-to-back hits
  • Johnny Vander __, only pitcher to throw back-to-back no-hitters