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Crossword puzzle answers: card game favored by ramses

Here are the answers to the card game favored by ramses crossword clue.

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Here are the possible solutions for "card game favored by ramses" clue.

  • Card game favored by Ramses?
  • Ramses' favorite card game?
  • ___ I, father of Ramses II
  • Ramses I's successor
  • Ramses' successor
  • Successor to Ramses I
  • Pharaoh after Ramses I
  • Father of Ramses II
  • Son of Ramses I
  • Ramses II, for one
  • Sonnet likely inspired by Ramses the Great
  • Ramses' river
  • She's a question from an incredulous Ramses?
  • Home of the Ramses Hilton
  • Ramses Hilton's city
  • Goddess worshiped by Ramses II
  • Egyptian village with temples to Ramses II and his wife Nefertari
  • Site of two temples of Ramses II
  • abu
    __ Simbel, site of Ramses II temples
  • Tile game favored by elderly Chinese people