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Crossword puzzle answers: figure skater s leap

Here are the answers to the figure skater s leap crossword clue.

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Here are the possible solutions for "figure skater s leap" clue.

  • Figure skater's spinning leap
  • Leap performed by figure skater Adam Rippon
  • Figure skater's leap
  • Figure made by a figure skater
  • Skater's leap
  • Leap for a clumsy skater?
  • Skater's leap
  • Skater’s leap
  • Skater's spinning leap
  • Ice skater's leap
  • Skater's leap
  • Figure skating leap
  • mao
    Great Leap Forward figure
  • Figure skating leap
  • Figure-skating leap
  • Figure skating leap
  • Kristi ___, figure skater on a Wheaties box in 1998
  • E. German champion figure skater
  • Figure skater Katarina with two gold medals
  • Katarina ___, figure skater