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Crossword puzzle answers: halloween correspondent

Here are the answers to the halloween correspondent crossword clue.

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Here are the possible solutions for "halloween correspondent" clue.

  • Halloween correspondent?
  • Correspondent's closing
  • MTV correspondent Gideon
  • "The Daily Show" correspondent Cenac
  • Correspondent's request
  • Correspondent's word after "best"
  • war
    ___ correspondent
  • war
    Type of correspondent
  • "60 Minutes" correspondent since 1968
  • Late '60 Minutes' correspondent
  • Longtime "60 Minutes" correspondent Mike
  • "Dateline NBC" correspondent Meredith
  • More correspondent with how things really are, however that is
  • Jon Stewart program on which Steve Carell was once a regular correspondent: 3 wds.
  • "Entertainment Tonight" correspondent Andrews
  • National correspondent for The Atlantic who wrote "Between the World and Me" as an open letter to his teenage son
  • News correspondent on space rates
  • Freelance correspondent
  • News correspondent
  • Part-time correspondent