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Crossword puzzle answers: in a series fr

Here are the answers to the in a series fr crossword clue.

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Here are the possible solutions for "in a series fr" clue.

  • Showtime family comedy/drama series that's a remake of a British TV series
  • 2008-2009 ABC sci-fi crime drama series that was a remake of a British TV series: 3 wds.
  • Current HBO series based on a series of George R.R. Martin fantasy novels: 3 wds.
  • bmw
    5 Series or 6 Series
  • Syfy supernatural series that's a remake of a British TV series: 2 wds.
  • Second in a German series
  • zoo
    2015 TV series about animals attacking humans
  • "The Twilight ___" (spooky 1959-1964 TV series)
  • "___ 101" (Jamie Lynn Spears series)
  • zoe
    "The Rachel ___ Project" (former Bravo design series)
  • zoe
    Bravo fashion reality series "The Rachel ___ Project"
  • Sixth in a series
  • Nintendo adventure series, familiarly
  • Princess in a Nintendo game series
  • The Princess of Hyrule, in a long-running Nintendo video game series
  • "The Legend of ___" (video game series)
  • zee
    "Chimp and ___" (kid-lit series by Catherine and Laurence Anholt)
  • zee
    End of a common series
  • zee
    Last in a certain series
  • zee
    End of a series you know well