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Crossword puzzle answers: lead in to while

Here are the answers to the lead in to while crossword clue.

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Here are the possible solutions for "lead in to while" clue.

  • "While" opener, a while back
  • Opening for "while," a long while ago
  • It was attached to "while," a while back
  • When a player doesn't score for a while, or when a player doesn't score for a while
  • In a little while, a long while ago
  • In a little while, quite a while ago
  • Lead-in for 'while'
  • Lead-in to ''while''
  • While lead-in, once
  • Lead-in for while
  • Lead-in to 'while'
  • ''While'' lead-in
  • Lead-in to "while"
  • While lead-in
  • Lead-in to while
  • "While" lead-in
  • Lead lead, in "Clue"
  • Lead lead, in Clue
  • mis
    Lead-in to lead
  • These may lead to lead