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Crossword puzzle answers: like burned briquettes

Here are the answers to the like burned briquettes crossword clue.

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Here are the possible solutions for "like burned briquettes" clue.

  • Grammy-winner K.T. whose ode "80's Ladies" claims "We burned our bras / And we burned our dinners / And we burned our candles at both ends" haha sounds like us
  • Like burned briquettes
  • Like burnt briquettes
  • Like used briquettes
  • Fuel in smokeless briquettes
  • Fuel used in smokeless briquettes
  • Burning briquettes
  • Briquettes, e.g.
  • Barbecue-grill briquettes
  • Barbecue briquettes
  • Briquettes
  • Backyard briquettes
  • Burnt, as briquettes
  • Briquettes, eventually
  • Briquettes, ultimately
  • Briquettes, after the barbecue
  • Like a burned-out bulb
  • Burned at the ___ (executed like Joan of Arc)
  • Like a burned-out briquette
  • Like a burned-out campfire