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Crossword puzzle answers: prison rooms

Here are the answers to the prison rooms crossword clue.

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Here are the possible solutions for "prison rooms" clue.

  • Prison rooms
  • Meditation rooms in Eastern monasteries
  • wtf
    "Are you serious?" in chat rooms
  • 107 rooms, 40 corridors, 19 baths.
  • wcs
    Rooms with bumf
  • wcs
    Wee rooms, for short?
  • Capote's "Other ___, Other Rooms"
  • Priests' dressing rooms
  • Robe rooms
  • Bank strong-rooms
  • Like rooms to rent
  • Available hotel rooms
  • Available jobs or rooms
  • Rooms to grow?
  • Like beds in many children's rooms
  • Like rooms not in use, often
  • Empty, as rooms
  • Features of police interrogation rooms
  • tvs
    Entertainment devices in living rooms
  • tvs
    Staples of waiting rooms