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Crossword puzzle answers: u s n a expression

Here are the answers to the u s n a expression crossword clue.

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Here are the possible solutions for "u s n a expression" clue.

  • Expression of surprise
  • Online expression of shock
  • Expression of disgust
  • Pained expression
  • Pained expression?
  • Expression of great approval, on-line
  • Meme expression used to call attention to blunders
  • "Just do it" expression popularized by Drake's "The Motto"
  • Popular "no regrets" expression tattooed on Zac Efron's hand
  • Expression of dismay
  • Expression of shock
  • yet
    Expression of backpedaling
  • Expression of distaste
  • Expression of disgust
  • yah
    Impatient expression
  • Expression of glee
  • L33tspeak expression of joy
  • Old-style emo expression
  • "___ could" (expression of regret)
  • Expression of desire