Scrabble Word Finder

Become a Scrabble Champion Using This Super Easy Scrabble Word Finder

Apace. Becap. Cabal. Cable. Palea. Place.

...There you have it. That’s each and every five letter word you can form using the letters a-a-b-c-e-l-p.

You can also make palace (six letters) and capable (seven letters).

In case you’re wondering: palea is a botany term, referring to “the scalelike, membranous organ in the flowers of grasses that is situated upon a secondary axis in the axil of the flowering glume and envelops the stamens and pistil.”

Now you know. But you’re not a master botanist; you’re just a clever wordsmith who’s found their way to the Scrabble word finder tool from Wordgiraffe.

It’s easy to use and provides you with major benefits in your word-finding games. Here’s how it works.

What Is the Word Finder Tool?

Wordgiraffe is a Scrabble word finder that’s useful for all word games.

Using the word finder is easy. When you’re playing Scrabble, Words with Friends, or any other word game, you just enter your combination of play letters into the word search box.

The word finder will then produce a comprehensive word list using your unique combination of letters.

The generated word lists will be sorted by word length.

For example, run a word search for “asdfghj” and here’s what you’ll see at the top of the page:

There are no five, six, or seven-letter combinations for that set of tiles. So, the word finder starts you out with a full set of possible four-letter words: gash, fash, etc.

Underneath that set, you’ll find word lists containing all possible three- and two-letter words.

You know that the scoring system for Scrabble and Words with Friends assigns a higher point value to longer words. Those words are, of course, tougher to come up with. So, you’ll find the longest possible words right at the top, listed in alphabetical order.

You’re sure to learn some new interesting words every time you enter a search for your latest set of tiles.

Unless of course, you already knew that to fash is to trouble, bother or annoy. In that case, we’re sorry to have fashed you.

Now that you know the basics, let’s check out some advanced filters and useful tips.

Using Advanced Filters With the Scrabble Word Finder

To use the word finder, enter up to 15 letters into the search bar. Within your set of letters, you can apply these advanced search options:

  • “Starts With” - enter one of your letters into this box to find words that start with that letter
  • “Ends With” - enter a letter into this box to find words that end with that letter

Scrabble and Words with Friends aren’t just about forming words from your own set of tiles. You also have to maximize your points by using the existing arrangement of words on the board.

Using the word finder’s advanced filters, you’ve got a helper to work with the scenario in front of you. For example, if you’re stuck with needing to play off of a G tile on the left-side edge of the board, simply enter your letters into the word finder, filtering for words that start with G.

Using the word finder’s advanced filters helps you leave no stone unturned as you zip through the Scrabble dictionary at lightning speed.

If you’re a true Scrabble pro, at this point, you probably have one more question — what about blank tiles?

Create Word Lists for Word Games Using Blank Tiles

Blank tiles are the tantalizing wildcards of the Scrabble universe. They offer a world of possibilities, yet somehow they’re rather hard to use effectively. The human mind just seems to struggle to make sense of the open-ended nature of a blank tile.

Having a blank tile in a word game is great. But, there’s always the sneaking suspicion that a better word is just beyond the reach of your imagination.

The word finder will solve those puzzles for you. No, you don’t need to do 26 separate searches for each letter of the alphabet.

Simply enter in a question mark to represent your blank tile. You can perform a search with up to two blank tile entries.

Curious about what sort of difference this can make?

Well, with “asdfghj” — you won’t do better than a four-letter word. But by inputting “asdfg??” — your word list ranges into the coveted seven-letter zone: defangs, defrags, fadings.

With a blank tile or two and the word finder, the English language opens up in front of you.

Extra Word Lists for Scrabble

Finally, be sure to check out Wordgiraffe’s extra word lists. These provide different ways to get out of a word game jam. They also provide interesting new words to your vocabulary, and new ways to explore language.

You can search through a list of “consonant only” words (peaking at the seven-letter tsktsks). Or there are the “vowel only” words (we’re talking about aiyee and ayaya, and so on).

You’ll find some incredibly useful Scrabble words in those lists, for the times when you find yourself staring at a seemingly useless set of tiles.

Or you can peruse word sets where each word either starts with or ends with each letter of the alphabet.

That’s where you’ll learn that while zombifications is an impressive z-word at 14 letters, it’s topped by the 15-letter zoogeographical.

Mastering the Scrabble Dictionary for Word Games

Scrabble, Words with Friends, and other word games are popular because, in addition to having a whack load of fun, we get to exercise our brains. But while it’s great to make words you already know, it’s even better to learn brand new words.

Maximizing the words available to you means you’re winning the game. And you’re increasing your vocabulary.

Improving your vocabulary is a positive choice at any stage in life. Learning new words will make you a better communicator, better writer, and all-around more interesting person. It will expand your ability to comprehend and discuss the world around you.

And of course, it’ll help you dominate in word games.

Ready to vanquish your competition and dazzle your friends? Then be sure to visit the Wordgiraffe word finder during your next word game session.