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The Best Online Word Finder for Your Vocabulary Growth

“Ha-Ha” is a real word. Go on, get your dictionary and confirm. It’s okay; we’ll wait for you.

A daily tradition of picking up new random words by looking them up in a dictionary is one way to learn. However, considering the hustle and bustle of life, you might lack the time to enroll for a course that would be a “Mission Impossible” affair.

But technology is powerful, and its babies (apps and websites) are twice as powerful.


Because you can learn anything and everything you wish to. In our case, our word finder allows you to learn new words — strengthening your command of the Queen’s language on your computer or in the palm of your hand with smartphones.

You don’t have to make time for it; you can do it while playing a word game.

Why Use a WordFinder to Learn?

The standard 2,500 to 3,000 words taught in school help you understand 90% of your everyday English conversations, the daily newspaper, and articles (like this one).

The remaining 10% you learn from context or asking questions, such as querying our Wordgiraffe word finder.

"The mind only has room for so much information," — Chris Lipe (SM), a Scrabble Master and Certified Tournament Director from Saint Louis, MO, USA.

Our word finder makes learning that 10% fun. You can do it in minutes — even while waiting for your morning coffee.

With a word finder, your vocabulary growth is on steroids. Let’s use “Ha-Ha” as our example. When you look up “Ha-Ha” in a dictionary, you only get the word’s definition.

But a wordfinder does more. Not only do you find meaning for your words, it also unscrambles its letters and offers anagrams.

Depending on your letters, you get to learn more words and their meanings by clicking on any of the ones you would love to know.

Could You Be Wondering What a Word Finder Is?

A word finder, otherwise known as a word generator, is an online tool where you enter up to 15 letters and two wildcards in the search field (always with a question mark (?) for wildcard searches) when playing word games such as Scrabble, Words With Friends, Wordfeud, etc.

Once you enter your letters, our word finder goes through our massive database and comes up with all the words possible from your letters.

The words are organized according to length and score. The word finder generates the longest possible word to the shortest available, depending on your letter combination.

How About How It Works?

A word finder tool’s core function is unscrambling letters to find words to play against your opponents in word games — better for entertainment purposes.

However, you can learn new words by entering random letters, which generates new words to learn.

Where a definition is not available, we direct you to Merriam Webster’s official Scrabble word source from 1976 to get the meaning. We collaborate with others to make the journey to word power easier for you.

Now, How Does it Work?

  1. Open our Word Solver website.
  2. Click on the appropriate tool depending on what game you're playing. For example, if playing Scrabble, pick the Scrabble Word Finder. The tools include:
  3. Enter your letters, including wildcards, into the search bar field as shown below and click search words

For example, If you unscramble the letters “ABEPWKCLMDTQPLO,” you have 863 words at your disposal from your query.

Our WordGiraffe word generators unscramble the letters "ABEPWKCLMDTQPLO" to make a list of all the words found in Scrabble, Words With Friends, Text Twist, and other similar word games.

If you click on any of the generated words, you get to see the definitions and how many points they’re worth. From the above, your vocabulary skyrockets, leaving you in utter awe.

Bonus Benefits From Our WordGiraffe Word Finder Tool

Besides expanding your vocabulary, our word finder has other benefits for you. Let’s unpack them below.

No Brain Drain

Word board games and crossword puzzles are entertaining and educational. But, if you hit a snag while playing, our first reaction is to quit or start a new set of tiles. You won't have to leave a game of Scrabble hanging anymore.

Our word finder is not intimidated by weird letter combinations, nor do wildcards or spaces make a difference — our database never lacks an answer to your query, whether you’re a pro or a beginner.

Impress Other Word Game Enthusiasts

We all love leaving an impression. From our example above, you have the opportunity to learn 863 words from the jumbled letters, making you a pro in wordplay.

Beat Your Competition

While being so impressive, you’re also headed towards a victory. Our word finder will ensure you beat your opponents, hands down.

However, it’s ethical that every player agrees on using a word finder tool. Because each dictionary — Merriam-Webster, Oxford, or Collins — has a variation in accepted words to use while playing.

In the End, Learn as You Please

Learning new vocabulary words isn't just a feel-good hobby — you can use it when playing word games online. Plus, expanding our wordlists helps us to understand each other and convey meaning more successfully.

With our Word Finder, you’ll surely impress many and be the go-to person when others can’t figure out new vocabulary.