Word Solver

7 Reasons Why You Need to Use This Painless Word Solver

Are you stuck on Words With Friends® and need a hand? Or are your tiles looking alien on Scrabble® wordplay?

Are the fortune cookies spelling doom for you in Word Cookies®? Perhaps you’re feeling the jumble rumble?

Then it’s time you gave a word game solver the power to rule your tiles.

While playing a word game, you occasionally get a set of tiles or puzzles that causes your mind to draw a blank — regardless of your skill level.

For example, without a Scrabble® solver, letters like “ALICVXL” can have you scratching your head for a whole week.

However, with a Word Unscrambler, word games transform from a brain drain into a fun, quick, pass-the-time activity.

Furthermore, a word solver saves you the never-ending and frustrating arguments in Words With Friends® over the validity of your played word.

And who doesn’t like to play interesting words and win? No one! That’s why our word solver turns you into a perpetual winner in every game you play.

But briefly...

What Is a Word Solver?

A word solver is a tool that helps you unscramble up to 15 letters, including wildcards, and comes up with as many words as possible. The word solver searches in the official Words With Friends®, Scrabble® US, and Scrabble® UK dictionaries to find words to play.

Whenever you enter your series of consonants and vowels (including wild cards), our genius tool effortlessly and rapidly generates all the possible letter combinations for you to choose from.

How to Use a Word Solver in Three Easy Steps

Words With Friends®, Scrabble® and Word Cookies® all present you with letter tiles to rearrange and create words. Our unscrambler tool guarantees you all the possible letter combinations, to earn high points and win the game every time.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Open our Word Finder website.
  2. Navigate to the appropriate tool, depending on what game you're playing. For example, if you’re playing Scrabble®, pick the Scrabble® Word Finder.
  3. Enter your set of letters and a maximum of two wildcards or blank tiles into the “Enter your letters” box and press the search button to make the magic happen.

For example, if you pick the letters “RETTTOUSINCED,” you might be tempted to play COUSIN because you can easily spot it. But our word finder gives you more and better options. RECONSTITUTED, anyone?

Pro tip: The advanced filters option allows you a more refined search. This feature helps you zero in on word options that “start with” or “end in” particular letters, along with “words containing letters.”

The Word Solver Is for You When You Need To...

Increase Your Vocabulary

Did you know that an average English-speaking adult knows 20-35 thousand words? Out of the more than one million in the English language!

How many words do you think you know? And when did you last learn a new word? That's where a word solver steps in.

The more you unscramble letters in your favorite online word games like Scrabble® or Words With Friends®, the more you find words — including many new words. Which you can then use to form word lists for the next round you play. Think of it as a study guide or training tool for your future games.

A word solver pushes you up a learning curve and gives you an advantage over your opponents. For example, did you know “piacular” means making atonement? Now you do.

Your curiosity will be sparked by all the new words presented by the word solver — plus, you’ll sound oh-so-well-read at your next drink out.

Destroy Other Players

As your vocabulary increases, your opponent’s points decrease. Modestly, we tell ourselves we’re just in it for the fun of playing. But who are we kidding? It’s all about winning.

With our word tool, you can play words your opponent has never heard of before and leverage high-scoring words to your advantage.

With a list of more than 27 words to play from a single set of letters, you’re equipped to exhaust all wordplay moves available on the board and plan your next letter placement ahead of time.

With a word solver, your opponent’s skills won’t cower you down — because you have an advantage.

Moreover, use the advanced filter function to help you zero in on word options starting or ending with particular letters and words containing individual letters — including wildcards and blanks.

Fix the Proverbial “Doubting Thomas”

You have the perfect word: INKLE. You make your move... and your opponent pauses, asking, How is that even a word? You’re sure it’s a word.

You swallow the stone in your throat and turn to your word unscrambler for proof. And there it is, definition and all — you can’t help but grin with joy.

Our word finder is based on the official dictionaries used for each respective game. It further confirms word spellings and whether the word made is acceptable in the individual game.

Practice for Perfection

Your teacher warned you against cheating in school. But we’re not teachers, are we? And the more you use a “cheat” tool, the more your brain muscles build up.

As you go on unscrambling letters, you’ll come to master various letter combinations and patterns to make flavorful words for high points. You can select what category of words to use and specifically choose to increase your word power in the said listing.

Our word list includes:

  • Words with letters
  • Words starting with
  • Words ending in
  • Consonant words only
  • Vowel only words

Get Our 100% Free Online Tool

Our word solver tools are available online, free of charge. Yes, no registration, no credit card. ZILCH!

You’ll always be a Word Cookies® winner because our tool has a list of words at the ready. Whether on an Android, iPhone, or computer, the tool is easily accessible to keep your game in play from anywhere.

In addition to free accessibility, we made it lightweight to reduce loading times, regardless of the device you choose to play on.

Here’s a list of our word finder tools:

Want to Stay Mindful and Grow an “Elephant Memory”?

As you continue using word solvers for your word games and crossword puzzle games, you build your retention and recall brain power. Your Sunday afternoons turn into a word workout session with other players — whether online or offline.

Additionally, with the world turning to mindfulness as a daily wellness exercise, a word solver tool brings you into the “now.” It ensures you’re fully present and engaged with what’s at hand currently — our minds retain what we give full attention to.

This is especially true in a timed game. Where you would normally waste time fishing for words in your head and easily drift away, a word solver quickens the pace, making it fun and educational.

It’s rewarding engagement from life’s daily chaos. When you’re practicing mindfulness, you retain better control over your emotional energy.

Finally, Enjoy the "Mission Accomplished" Feeling

Ever left a game hanging because you couldn’t figure out your next move?

You know how frustrating that can be. While we like to think of word games as mere time-passing activities, the thrill of completing one level and moving onto the next one is engraved in our minds — and we associate winning with success.

For example, a crossword puzzle gets mind-numbing if you can’t figure out your next pieces. However, with a little help from a crossword solver, you’ll enjoy the game more, being able to finish it and move onto the next puzzle. Besides, playing will boost your analytical skills with each completed round.

Finish Like the Pro You Are

A word finder tool is invaluable when playing any word games such as Words With Friends®, Scrabble®, Word Cookies®, etc.


Because a word finder’s extensive search engine helps you make unique words from random jumbled up letters.

No more wasting days waiting for an opponent to make a move before blowing their mind with a new word.

For example, the theoretical highest-scoring word OXYPHENBUTAZONE was worked out by Dan Stock from Ohio. The word played in Scrabble® is worth a whopping 1,458 points.

Can you imagine that? No need.

Use our Word Finder tool, and who knows, you could make it a reality.