Word Unscrambler

Find the Highest Scoring Words With This Easy Word Unscrambler

It’s your worst nightmare: you’ve pulled your starting seven tiles in a “friendly” game of Scrabble and... you’re drawing a blank. You see an E, another E, and your mind just can’t put together viable options.

You spot an S. SEE! Is that the only word you can find in your tiles? There have got to be more...but you don’t see them.

Now imagine, you’re sitting down at the end of a long day, you’re a bit tired — you just want to play a simple game of Wordscapes. And it gives you a doozy. There are at least fifteen words you have to find for this level — and you’re capped at 9.

Do you mindlessly swipe, hoping to make words at random? Or try to strategically get through every possibility? I mean, there are only 6 letters, so that’s only 1 million combinations, give or take. You’ve got time for that, right?

But, what if you can use a quick tool, input your scrambled letters, and instantly get word lists?

Dream no longer!

You’ll want to use our word unscrambler tool every day — finding all word combinations in even the toughest word scramble.

Whether you’re looking to defeat your friends in an epic Scrabble game for the ages, or simply are stuck in a word game, we’re the tool you need in your back pocket.

When You’re Just Plain Stuck...Use our Tool to Unscramble Words

You’re highly competitive. You want to win. Family board games get heated, and “official” rules are constantly tweaked as frustrations play themselves out in real-time.

You want to expand your vocabulary in preparation for game night, so you’re practicing — and sometimes you need help finding the best unscrambled word. You’ve tried all the tricks, your brain isn’t cooperating, and you’re seeing these letter combinations in your dreams.

If you’re truly stuck, use our word finder to get all viable options. We’ll even tell you how many points each word is worth in US Scrabble, UK Scrabble, or Words With Friends. Need your word to start with T? No problem. It’s as easy as adding that to the filter.

You’ll quickly become the champion of word puzzles in your gaming group.

We’ve Got Your Best Answer For Every Word Length

Need to unscramble letters and make words start with W and end with S? We find all possible words for you.

With words from 2 to 15 characters, we’ll find the words you need, for the highest score, right when you need them. Get new word suggestions instantly and verify their validity in your game. You can even check out how many points EX is — 9 in all three games.

Check out this table of possible words from a seven-letter daily challenge from WordScapes. We even include the potential points they’re worth. The scrambled letters are CVERROE.

Word size
7-letter coverer recover
6-letter corvee
5-letter corer cover crore rover
4-letter cere cero core cove ever
over rove veer
3-letter cee cor eco ere err
eve orc ore rec ree
rev roc roe vee voe
2-letter er oe or re

How many new words did you find on your own? Did we unscramble words you didn’t?

Imagine any of the 6- or 7-letter words on a triple word score. That’s an easy 33 to 36 points in your arsenal.

Get the Winning Edge in Words With Friends

Now that you know you can easily find words worth 10 points and higher, you’ll dominate your word games. Have you ever been embarrassed when you turn in the same small, low-scoring words turn after turn? You want to find words worth more than THE, AND, LOSE.

With our proprietary algorithm, our word unscrambler will find you the best words. Like EXAMPLE — earning you tons of points and kicking your friend’s butt in word games.

Games like Words With Friends have a list of words that are “acceptable” within the game. It’s similar to the Scrabble dictionary, but it’s important to unscramble letters and find words that are playable.

We update our algorithm frequently so we use the most up-to-date dictionary. You don’t have to worry about unscrambling a crazy combination of letters, only to have the game say it’s not a valid word. We do the work so you can play with confidence.

Save our word unscrambler tool now and you’ll never be at a loss for high-scoring word combinations again.

Use Our Word Finder to Coax the Highest Scoring Words from Your Tiles

Need the word to start with Z? No problem.

Have Q in your tiles and no idea where to go with it? We’ve got you covered.

You put in letters, and we’ll shoot out a word list with all the words from those jumbled letters — complete with links to the definition and point values in each game (Scrabble US, Scrabble UK, and Words With Friends). We work to help you win every word game you play.

You simply enter your letters into our word unscrambler tool and press go!

Tips and Tricks for the Next Time You Find Yourself Without Our Word Unscrambler

Sometimes, you’re playing an old-school board game version of Scrabble. And the “rules” of your compatriots forbid using your phone or any online assistance — for some reason, they call it “cheating.” You’ll have to practice unscrambling examples to level the playing field.

Or maybe you’re playing word games to help increase your vocabulary and boost your memory. Science agrees that playing crossword puzzles and word scramble games can have a positive effect on your memory — you play these games for your health!

Doing crossword puzzles and unscrambling games without a tool is a great way to get your brain in shape for the next competitive word game. It takes practice, but here are some tried and true methods for unscrambling your jumble of letters.

Start Hunting For Prefixes And Suffixes

English has reliably common prefixes and suffixes found in many words, which are easily identifiable in a word scramble.

Some common examples of prefixes are:

a- an- anti- auto- bi-
co- de- di- epi- il-
im- in- ir- mid- mini-
non- pan- per- pre- re-
sub- tri- un- up- xeno-

One of the most common suffixes is -s, as it makes many words plural. Other examples include:

-en -ed -er -ize -ness
-ment -ly -ism -ful -able

This eliminates some letters from your tiles.

You can then search for small words in your remaining jumbled letters. Tack these on at the beginning or the end to make an even more valuable word.

Separate Consonants and Vowels

Take one of your vowels, place one consonant in front of it, and then begin to test your remaining consonants.

Many words follow a Consonant - Vowel - Consonant pattern — this will help your brain recognize patterns — especially those that are difficult to see with all the letters jumbled together.

With your vowels, start pairing them together into common combinations, such as”ie” and “ou.” This again helps with pattern recognition, as well as decreasing the number of permutations (or possible combinations) by creating a base to build your words around.

Do the same with your consonants. When you see a “ch” or “th,” put it together and see what you can build around it with your remaining letters.

You’d be surprised how quickly words will appear before your eyes.

Use Our Word Unscrambler to Vanquish Your “Wordy” Opponents

Whether you’re simply stuck in a relaxing game of WordScapes, or looking to gain an advantage against your most challenging opponents in Words With Friends, our trusty word unscrambler will guarantee you’ll unlock every potential combination.

You might even learn about words you didn’t know existed — and are valid in word games like Scrabble and Words With Friends

Check our unscrambler out today, and see all the word game possibilities. And check out all of our other wordy tools, like solving for a missing word with our crossword solver and learning new letter combinations with our anagram solver.