Words With Friends Cheat

Multiply Your Wins With This Words With Friends Cheat

Your opponent opens up Words With Friends and plays “BEANIE” downwards, earning 15 points.

Grinning, you play “EXPENSES” across, capitalizing on their last “E,” and landing on just the right bonus squares: A whopping 205 points.


You’ve started off on the right foot and are excited for the next rounds to see how the game will go.

But your killer move does the opposite to your opponent, and they play disinterestedly—24 hours later, the game is still dragging on.

Wait, did we just describe you?

Are you the one holding the game because you don’t think you could catch up? Or worse, your tiles make no sense? We know, it’s hard to counter 205 points with tiles like “REEEEEE” on your rack.

"If you're going to play at all, you're out to win. Baseball, board games, playing Jeopardy, I hate to lose." ~ Derek Jeter, former American professional baseball player.

Like Derek, nobody likes losing, not even us here at WordGiraffe. That’s why we created this tool: Words with Friends Cheat.

But what is it and how can it help your game? Let’s take a look.

What is a Words With Friends Cheat

Words with Friends (WWF) or Words with Friends 2 can be pretty challenging. The game relies mainly on your memory and occasional luck. The former might fail you, and other times the latter escape you.

But a Words with Friends Cheat is a game-changer because the tool generates all possible words from the letters you have on your rack.

A Word with Friends helper offers the best legal and playable word lists in order of points from the highest scoring to the longest word—depending on the number of letters you have, and finally the shortest words available.

How Does Our Words With Friends Cheat Work?

In a WWF game, even veterans hit a wall when their letters spell doom. That’s where Words with Friends help comes in handy. Whether you play Words with Friends on your mobile phone, Apple or Android, Nook Tablets or Kindle Fire, our word finder makes the game:

  • More entertaining
  • Easier to play
  • Evenly spread
  • Move along faster so you can play more rounds with other opponents

How to Use the Words With Friends Cheat

  1. Open our website and navigate to our Words with Friends helper. Selecting the right tool ensures you use the correct dictionary. Note: This is important because some words may be acceptable in the Words with Friends dictionary that are not allowed in Scrabble.
  2. Next, enter your set of letters into the “ENTER LETTERS” search bar. You’re allowed up to 15 letters, including three blank tiles.
  3. Press the search button to see what our Words with Friends cheat brings up. We are sure it will be a “school” of words.
  4. For better results, make use of the advanced search. You can search words that:
    • Start with a certain letter
    • Contain a certain letter
    • End in a certain letter
    • Contains a specific number of characters
  5. Select your word and play to win

How to Multiply Your Wins With Our Words With Friends Cheat

Our Words with Friends Cheat puts you on a winning streak with great words. However, your playing strategy matters. Whether you’re in a multiplayer word game or a simple Words With Friends one-on-one, here are some tips to get the most out of your tiles and our Words With Friends cheat.

Lay Your Tiles Down Like a Pro

After using the WWF cheat to unscramble your letters, take advantage of the bonus points squares. Placing the letters randomly sets you up for low point value words and opens up ripe opportunities for other players.

Some great strategies include:

  • Use the double word square (DW) to score double word points, while a double letter (DL) square doubles your letter’s score.
  • Triple letter (TL) and triple word (TW) squares triple the tile’s score and word score in that order.
  • Make a bingo move and earn an incredible 35 points. Our word finders will certainly give you some bingo words.
  • Begin your Words with Friends game with a five-letter word and go further to the left because it helps spread across the board evenly and faster.

As you continue playing, you’ll notice starting too far on the right naturally leads to placing words that read left to right, veering to the right. This makes it hard to get back to the open parts of the board towards the left.

Choose Your Ending Letters Carefully

One tricky move is opening a Word with Friends game with a plural word ending with an “S.” This is because “S'' is the most powerful letter, and your opponent may capitalize on it.

Instead, start your word with an “S” to lure your opponent into playing the triple letter score above, which opens up the triple word for you.

Power Up on Your Word Knowledge

Two-letter word knowledge, especially those starting with “Z, J, Q, and X,” is a colossal advantage. For example, QI, JA, XI, ZA are great options from the Words With Friends dictionary.

Besides, offloading them early is smart, considering there are not too many words you can use them in.

Finally, Swapping Tiles: The Last Resort When All Fails

Sometimes you get stuck, and a new set of tiles may be what you need to get the mortar running.

Pro tip: Don’t swap a couple of letters. Instead, switch your entire set. You lose a turn, but sometimes a fresh look is all it takes. But we are confident that using our Words With Friends cheat eliminates this probability.