Word Descrambler

Effortlessly Win With This Online Word Descrambler

Every word game lover’s been there.

You’re laying in bed at night playing Scrabble GO, Words With Friends, or Text Twist and you look at the time and think, “One more game.”

Suddenly it’s 3 A.M. and you’re still going strong.

You want to keep the wins coming, but your brain can only take so many scrambled letters so early in the morning with no sleep.

You need help.

We don’t mean professional help. We mean help with your game.

That’s where Word Giraffe’s word unscrambler tool comes in.

A Quick and Easy Free Word Descrambler

Our word unscrambler takes the scrambled letters you put in the search bar, runs them through a lightning-fast, superpowered algorithm, and gives you a list of words to use in your favorite word games.

Descramble Words When You Need Them

When you’re in the middle of a word game, you want a quick solution to descramble letters and get back into the game.

WordGiraffe’s word unscrambler tool takes no time to descramble letters into word lists that will help you win your favorite word games.

Just enter your letters, click “search words,” and before you know it, the descrambling is complete.

Unscramble Your Way to Victory

Show anyone this list; they’re guaranteed to have played at least one of these games in their life:

  • Scrabble
  • Jumble
  • Words With Friends
  • Text Twist
  • Boggle
  • WordScapes

Each of these games involves descrambling letters, so you can benefit from using a word descrambler in every one.

Let’s break down how a word descrambler is useful in a few of our favorite word games.


Scrabble, perhaps the most well-known word game, constantly requires you to descramble letters on your rack to come up with words you can place on the board.

Having a list of words available to you is super helpful, eliminating the need to descramble letters every time you look at your rack.

However, it takes more than descrambling letters to win big in a Scrabble game.

Placement is key, so you may require some extra help to play the words the tool has provided.

Luckily, besides being an excellent word finder tool, WordGiraffe also has useful Scrabble tips and tricks you can use in your next game.


Jumble is a classic word puzzle with an illustration, an accompanying clue, and a group of scrambled words.

You must unscramble all four anagrams to form two five-letter words and two six-letter words.

The marked letters from each word will spell an answer phrase to solve the puzzle’s clue.

Using a word descrambler tool makes it simple to solve a Jumble puzzle. Just enter the scrambled letters and find your answers.

Words With Friends

You’ll use a word descrambler for Words With Friends pretty much exactly like Scrabble.

Again, word placement comes into play, and other factors like word length create a higher score.

Luckily, you can enter up to fifteen letters in WordGiraffe’s word unscrambler. So be sure to go for those high-scoring words whenever you can.

Text Twist

This is another game where word length is important, albeit for a different reason.

Text Twist gives you two minutes and a group of letters, then tasks you with forming as many words as you can.

Don’t try any two-letter words, though. They won’t count.

To advance to the next round, you need to form a word using all the provided letters, so the key is to enter this word first.

So just enter your letters into the word unscrambler and choose the longest word, conveniently located at the top of the results list.

Enter that word and you’re guaranteed to advance to the next round.

So basically all you need to do each round is perform a six letter word descramble to move on.

Easy enough when you’re using a word descrambler tool.

You can then spend the rest of your time descrambling words yourself, or plugging in the words the unscrambler has provided.

Wherever you do your descrambling, a jumbled word solver is a handy tool to have at your disposal.

When you use WordGiraffe’s unscrambler, you’ll quickly find it’s the best in the game.

Using the Descrambler

First, you’ll want to bookmark WordGiraffe’s word descrambler or have it open in another tab or window so it’s readily available to you.

Time is precious in many word games, so the ability to access the unscrambler quickly is extremely important.

Unscramble Fifteen to Two-Letter Words

At its limit, WordGiraffe’s tool is a fifteen-letter word descrambler.

You’ll rarely need to descramble that many letters though, so let’s say you’ve got to come up with a seven-letter word using the letters O, H, T, G, S, Y, and L.

Hop on the word descrambler, enter your letters in the search bar, and hit enter. No need for commas or any punctuation.

Advanced options are available if you hit “advanced filters” under the search bar. Here you can choose which dictionary you’d like to use, and whether you’d like your word to begin or end with certain letters. You can even enter additional letters your scrambled word should contain.

After you hit enter or “search words,” the word descrambler works its magic and gives you your list.

Navigating the Word Lists

We separate our word lists into sections according to word length, from longest to shortest, so you have access to the more important or higher scoring words as quickly as possible.

Our example yields one seven-letter word: ghostly.

Even though you can, and should, use our unscrambler for a variety of games, we optimize our word lists for Scrabble play. The number you see next to each word is that word’s Scrabble score.

You can see that “ghostly” will score you fourteen points.

Continue to the next section of the list and you’ll find the six-letter words “ghosty” and “hostly” for thirteen and twelve points.

As you get to the sections with fewer letters, you’re usually going to find more results.

Like our example’s five-letter words section:

  • Ghost
  • Glost
  • Goths
  • Holts
  • Hotly
  • Sloth
  • Stogy
  • Yoghs

As you can see, there are plenty more options than the previous sections.

Besides the score, each word’s definition is also available. Just click on the word you’d like defined and you can check out the dictionary entry we’re all wondering what “yoghs” are.

And so the list continues all the way to two-letter words like “go,” “so,” “to,” and “yo.”

Have A Word Descrambler Enter Your Game

People play word games for several reasons.

Some love the thrill and challenge of unscrambling a mess of letters into lists of coherent words.

Others enjoy the way a word scramble can strengthen their brain and expand their vocabulary, discovering words they otherwise would never come across or use in their daily lives.

However, when it comes down to it, all word game lovers have one thing in common:

It just feels great to win.

That’s why you need to use a word finder when you play your favorite game. A word finder or word descrambler tool basically guarantees a win every time.

So next time you find yourself on an unscramble spree late into the night and you’re struggling to go on, give yourself a break and let WordGiraffe do the unscrambling.